Why BLUE BAY Brand was created?

Decades before, when feeding pets, the pet owners in Taiwan could only think of imported pet dry foods or cans.  It seemed at that period of time, the Taiwanese brand pet foods were labeled as secondary quality products and were disregarded by local pet owners.  However, the consumers soon found the quality as well as the feeding efficiency of those imported brands were not price-worthy after all.  Under such circumstances, we asked ourselves that why we cannot provide our pet owners with a high quality but reasonable priced Taiwan-made pet foods.  The answer is obvious – “Yes, we surely can.”

In 2006, the first formulation of BLUE BAY S30 dog dry food was launched.  This skin-and-hair-caring formulation, which was made from all fresh local ingredients, proved that through a delicate professional design and small quantity of production, a totally “Made-in-Taiwan” pet food could become a competitive brand to the imported brands.  We worked hard, step by step, consecutively developed various formulations in the following years, and received sound feed-back by our customers.  Today, BLUE BAY pet food is perceived by local pet owners as a high-quality brand in pet food market.


Through years, BLUE BAY Pet Food has companied Taiwan pet owners and their beloved pets.  For the best of our pets’ health, we insist to make more natural, more organic and ecological-friendly formulations.  Being the well-known brand in Taiwan market, we are not satisfied.  We keep on moving, not only for the love to local pets, but the pets worldwide.